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Jacuzzi domowe


Our offer includes all the necessary equipment for a correct installation and operation of a Biodesign pool using components
corresponding to the highest standards of the pool market. It also lists the various optional accessories that should be evaluated
based on individual requirements, use of the pool, location and expectations as well as the technical characteristics of the
available components. Our consultants are at your disposal to identify the optional features that best meet your needs. Should
your decision to purchase an accessory not be final, we advise you to proceed with the purchase of the predisposition (i.e. predisposition
for swimming against the current, massage jets, or heating) that will allow you in the future to install the accessory
without involving further building expenses.


Jakie jacuzzi wybrać do domu


Another very interesting aspect regarding respect for the environment is that the water discharged through the MagnaPoolTM system, if
diluted 1:5, can be used for irrigating the garden and on any soil type, without causing any environmental damage (confirmed by testingby the EMSR organisation in Australia, an independent, state-authorised laboratory). It is enough to consider that both Magnesium and
Potassium are normally used as fertilisers for plants.


Czy instalować jacuzzi w domu

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